Paul Holmes on PR in the post-truth era

August 30, 2016

Holmes Report founder and CEO Paul Holmes joins the Echo Chamber to discuss the future of public relations in the so-called 'post-truth era'. Recent political campaigns — notably Brexit and Trump — have demonstrated that people are willing to suspend their disbelief when it comes to facts, particularly when it comes to more emotive issues. Indeed, as behavioural research demonstrates, presenting people with conflicting facts can serve to reinforce their views, rather than dispelling them, as the field of climate change science often shows us.

Holmes and Arun Sudhaman explore what this means for public relations practitioners that are charged with communicating on behalf of their clients.

Show notes
Post-truth politics are killing democracies on both sides of the Atlantic 
PR Grand Prix: 'This Is Work We Should Repudiate, Not Celebrate'
PR in the post-truth era
Why facts don't matter to Trump's supporters
Things still matter


Partner Content: Hacks & Flacks Surprise Macarons with Boston University’s PRLab

August 19, 2016

Whether you’re hiring for a PR agency or an in-house marketing team, it’s helpful to know as much as possible about the capabilities, expectations and possibilities of your potential future employees. That’s why Hacks and Flacks brought in Amy Shanler, associate professor of Public Relations at Boston University and the head of BU’s PRLab, for a glimpse into how tomorrow’s professionals are being trained for a PR career.

The student-staffed PRLab is the nation’s oldest student-run PR agency and supports real-world clients, with access to BU’s state-of-the-art resources (including a Communication Research Center with a faux living room outfitted with biometric sensors).

PRLab has worked on a number of compelling, creative and inspiring campaigns – including a partnership with March Communications to support the nonprofit Adaptive Sports New England. March VP Liz Swenton Hosman oversaw that project, and she also joins the conversation with Amy to talk about PR training and hiring today, career expectations and anxieties for students coming out of college looking for their first PR job, and what employers need to know about the next generation of communications talent.

Show Notes:


Threepipe’s Jim Hawker on the convergence of PR & SEO

August 8, 2016

Public relations and search engine optimisation should be natural bedfellows, yet few PR firms have actively invested in substantial SEO capabilities. One that has is Threepipe, which recently acquired an SEO firm in the UK. Threepipe CEO Jim Hawker joins the Echo Chamber to discuss why the deal makes sense for his agency, and also explores the broader difficulties of genuine digital integration, four years after Threepipe merged with Blowfish Digital.

Show notes:
Threepipe Makes SEO Play With Spot Digital Acquisition
Future Proofing Your PR Business


Partner Content: Hacks & Flacks One Hazy Chicago Afternoon

July 20, 2016
Data can tell a great story, and research campaigns are how you find that data. In this Hacks & Flacks episode, the hosts talk to March Research Manager Jeremy Guterl, Account Manager Steph Jackman and Senior Account Executive Samantha Bell about their recent work developing, distributing and promoting a successful PR research campaign.

Jeremy defines the difference between media-genic and strategic research, and walks us through every step of the research process. Steph provides a blueprint for conducting media outreach for a campaign, and Sam explains why clear, impactful data points help you capture the interest of readers and the media.


Podcasting & PR/Corporate Compliance & Reputation In The Age of Transparency

July 10, 2016
The host of the Hacks & Flacks podcast Manny Veiga talks about the rise of podcasting — and the role for PR agencies and brands. Then Matt Kelly, founder & CEO of Radical Compliance joins to talk about the intersection of corporate compliance and reputation.

The Echo Chamber podcast is produced by Markettiers4DC and sponsored by March Communications, producer of the Hacks & Flacks podcast.


Neil Backwith on agency profitability / Chad Latz on Cannes digital trends

July 6, 2016

Agency veteran Neil Backwith, who now consults for a number of highly-regarded UK PR firms, talks to Arun Sudhaman about how firms can optimize their commercial performance, and why so many continue to find this difficult. Cohn & Wolfe digital innovation head Chad Latz also visits the show to talk about his key digital trends from Cannes and beyond.


MSLGroup CEO Guillaume Herbette / Amith Prabhu on PR in India

July 1, 2016

The Holmes Report's Arun Sudhaman catches up with MSLGroup CEO Guillaume Herbette in Cannes to discuss the continued restructuring at the Publicis Groupe PR network. In Delhi, meanwhile, Sudhaman discusses the evolution of India's PR industry and political communication with Promise Foundation founder Amith Prabhu.


Cannes preview + ANA report

June 17, 2016

Holmes Report editor Arun Sudhaman previews next week's Cannes Lions with a host of industry figures. Daniel Franklin, executive editor at the Economist, discusses the title's expanded presence at Cannes, along with how marketers are grappling with the rise of technology. Vikki Chowney from H+K Strategies previews her highlights from the 2016 festival, including the curious appearance at Cannes of Katie Hopkins. Business Insider global advertising editor Lara O'Reilly also joins the show to update us on the "explosive" ANA Report, which raises serious concerns about media kickbacks and ad agency transparency.

Show notes
12 Cannes Lions events to plan your week around
Bombshell report claims US ad agencies unethically pad their profits with secret rebate schemes


Partner Content: Hacks & Flacks On Hosting Events

June 7, 2016

Hacks & Flacks talks to Erin Callanan, co-chair of PRXNE16, the annual conference for PRSA’s North East district. She talks about the challenges of organizing an event, previews the PRXNE16 lineup — plus a session on client messaging from March Communication's managing director Cheryl Gale.

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Ford Canada’s Lauren More on modern PR; MEPRA’s Alex Malouf on Middle East PR challenges

June 1, 2016

Podcasting live from the World PR Forum 2016 in Toronto, Holmes Report editor Arun Sudhaman talks to Ford Canada VP of communications Lauren More about how in-house communications departments are modernising their offering, and how the CCO role is changing in accordance. We also catch up with MEPRA vice-chair Alex Malouf to discuss the challenges affecting the growth of the Middle East PR industry. 

The Echo Chamber is sponsored by March Communications.

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