The Academy’s Mitch Kaye & Dan Glover (Ep. 153)

March 11, 2019

Mitch Kaye and Dan Glover built Mischief and now The Academy into two of the most creative comms agencies in the UK. They join the Echo Chamber to talk about how they work together and how they are aiming to grow the agency with an innovative structure.

Closing the Gap on PR’s Challenge (ep. 152)

February 28, 2019
This episode of the Echo Chamber is a rebroadcast of a webinar addressing the PR industry's future challenges including integration, digital evolution and proving sales impact. The Holmes Report's Aarti Shah leads a discussion featuring Laura Brusca, VP of corporate communications at Forbes and PAN Communication's Mark Nardone. 

Asda’a BCW’s Sunil John on the PR industry’s evolution in MENA (Ep. 151)

February 25, 2019

Asda'a BCW president Sunil John joins the Echo Chamber to discuss the evolution of the Middle East and North Africa PR industries. John, who founded and built Asda'a into one of the region's pre-eminent PR firms, believes MENA is poised to become the fastest-growing the world's fastest-growing public relations market.. 

Davos Dialogues with Ketchum’s Barri Rafferty (Ep. 150)

February 19, 2019

In a recent webinar, Ketchum CEO Barri Rafferty and the Holmes Report's Arun Sudhaman explored the key issues from the 2019 World Economic Forum, including globalization, climate change, automation, CEO activism and much more. 

Podcast: Ketchum London’s Jo-ann Robertson (Ep. 149)

February 13, 2019

Ketchum's London CEO Jo-Ann Robertson joins Maja Pawinska Sims in the Echo Chamber to talk about her first year in the job, including leadership (and being a pregnant CEO), diversity, and her ambitions for the business. 

Super Bowl LIII marketing & engagement review (Ep. 148)

February 6, 2019

The Holmes Report's Diana Marszalek talks through this year's Super Bowl marketing and fan experience efforts, finding them both rather disappointing, on the latest Echo Chamber episode. Joining the show are BCW president Jim Joseph and fan experience director chair Jason Teitler, along with MWWPR president Bret Werner. 

Podcast: What makes kids tick? With Therese Caruso (Ep. 147)

February 4, 2019

Zeno Group’s managing director, global strategy and insights Therese Caruso joins Diana Marszalek in the Echo Chamber to talk about what brands need to know to reach “Gen We” – the kids aged 14 to 20 who wield influence in the family, and are radically different than the millennials that marketers have worked long and hard to understand. They have friendships based on shared values, believe success and purpose are keys to happiness and see themselves as their own personal brands.

Davos Voices: Senior marketers & comms leaders at #wef19 (Ep. 146)

January 27, 2019

The Holmes Report's Arun Sudhaman sits down with a trio of senior marcomms leaders at the 2019 World Economic Forum at Davos, discussing the event's enduring significance, along with the challenges facing the established world order. First up, PMI communications SVP Marian Salzman discusses her surprising decision to join 'big tobacco' after a lengthy stint leading advertising and PR agencies. Salzman is followed by UN World Food Programme communications director Corinne Woods, who explores her organization's marketing challenges, along with the benefits Davos brings for NGOs. Finally, Davos veteran and TCS CMCO Abhinav Kumar joins the show to provide his reflections on this year's event and the continuing perception gap that plagues the World Economic Forum.

Hotwire CEO Barbara Bates (Ep. 145)

January 15, 2019

Hotwire CEO Barbara Bates joins the Echo Chamber to discuss her shift from independent agency life to overseeing a publicly-held firm. Bates also explores why she believes 'micro-networks' and midsize players are thriving in today's PR market, particularly in opposition to the giant MNC networks. In conversation with Arun Sudhaman, Bates also looks at the evolution of PR on the US West Coast, and the issues faced by major tech companies in that region. 

2019 predictions with Alan VanderMolen (Ep. 144)

January 11, 2019

WE Communications international president Alan VanderMolen discusses his 2019 predictions, which include a potential renaissance for communicators after playing second fiddle to marketers for years. VanderMolen also explores the likelihood of publicly-held firms buying themselves back from their holding groups and defends his bullish forecast for PR industry growth this year.