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Super Bowl marketing roundup; the rise of Instagram influencers

February 15, 2016

Cohn & Wolfe Americas CEO Jim Joseph joins the Echo Chamber for our annual roundup of Super Bowl marketing with Arun Sudhaman. Joseph found this year's ads underwhelming and also noted that brands are, curiously, not making the most of digital marketing to bring their Super Bowl spend to life.

After that, Mats Stigzelius from new influencer marketing platform Takumi discusss the rise of Instagram influencers. Brands are increasingly spending money with 'micro-influencers' on Instagram and YouTube — rather than conventional celebrities — and Takumi was launched to help manage this process. Stigzelius joins Sudhaman to explore the pitfalls involved in this type of marketing activity.

Show notes:
Audi R8 Big Game Commercial - Commander:
Doritos Dogs - Crash the Super Bowl 2016:
Dad-Do #2 by NFL’s Benjamin Watson | Braided Pigtails with Pantene: